What Is The Quantum Camera?

The Quantum Camera is an idea that has knocked around in my head for about twenty years now since I first became a teacher.

If you travel back in time with me to 1997, it was a dark time. I was a Doctor Who fan since Tom Baker and the early eighties. This was the Dark Ages for me … a time with no new Who.

So I created a writing project (originally known as the Cosmic Camera) to get my middle school students brainstorming and writing.

The premise was simple … what would you do if you were gifted with the limited ability to time travel?

What if you able to travel to twelve different places or events in time … six only allowed observation and limited interaction … the other six allowed interaction with a chance for manipulation?

It was the type of writing event that triggered their imaginations and, eventually, they would learn that I had tricked them into writing a 12+ page essay.

Those were the days…

Now, as a teacher preparing to retire, I am revisiting that old idea. This time, it’s my writing assignment … short journeys that will transform an eighth grader by the sheer weight of the experience.

The first draft of the manuscript is complete and I am progressing through the first edits now. I plan to post the first fifteen chapters of the middle grade novel here for you to sample.

If this idea interests you, follow this blog by clicking the blue follow button on the right side of this page as I will post more updates and details here.

Thanks for reading… blessings and peace be upon you.



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