He Still Uses Shepherds…

Everyone has a story, they say…let me tell you Shepherd’s.

On July 30th, I needed my Jeep towed to my mechanic’s shop to be ready to get into the queue first thing Monday morning, so I called a local towing company I had used before.

The driver had introduced himself to me on the phone before he came to my house. 

“My name is Shepherd.”

When he arrived, I noticed his truck was not affiliated with the company I called. I asked why the name on the truck did not match.

“I catch all of their weekend calls. Their driver doesn’t like to work weekends,” he explained. (I think that also explains why tow rates are higher on weekends, but that is another story for another day.)

We made small talk about the Jeep as he hitched it up and put her on the lift. 

Turns out, Shepherd has a Jeep of his own that he is working on. He said he wanted an older one like mine because the box-shaped bodies look like real Jeeps…not like what they are selling today.

[When he said that, I KNEW I had the right man for the job!]

Once the Jeep was dropped off, I asked him where he got his south Alabama accent from.

“Zimbabwe,” he said. “I was a safari tour guide in Zimbabwe before coming to America.”

That made me hyper-curious as to how a man from Zimbabwe would end up driving tow trucks in Mobile, Alabama.

“Americans kept talking to me on my safari tours and telling me how much opportunity was in their country. The American Dream. That is why I am here.”

So, that totally explained the name Leopard Towing Service, as it is Shepherd’s truck and his personal business. He was a very pleasant gentleman to deal with and that is why I am telling you his story. 

He did not have any business cards left, so I promised him that I would go one better than that!

PS: He promised me that once he got his Jeep up and running again, he would drop by my house and show it to me so that we could compare notes. 


He’s my kind of guy. 


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