Progress Points

Yesterday was a bad editing day. It appears it is much easier to write a novel than it is to edit and revise.

And all the writers in the audience said? (AMEN!)

Due to interruptions, I only edited and revised the first two chapters… to put it into perspective, at that pace, I will have the first round of edits completed in around 45 days (Target: May 28th).

This chart will help put it into perspective:

Progress Chart 04132017

The first edit is where I am working now. Once it is complete, I will send the compiled text out to my beta readers (Target: June 1st).

Once the beta readers have finished submitting their feedback, I will go into second edits which will consist more of polishing rather than strong edits. If any critical faults are detected, they will be dealt with of course (Target: June 30th).

Once I am satisfied with the second round of edits, I will move to document formatting (hopefully that will not take as long as the editing will) followed by digital publication to Amazon (Target: July 7th).

I will begin recording audiobook chapters during the second edit process to help break up the monotony a bit. Once those are completed, I will submit the recording to offer my novel in Audiobook format as well (Target: July 21st).

Last, but not least, will be formatting for print publication (Target: August 1st).

In the middle of all of this work on the project, I will break the monotony by composing a novella of somewhere between 30,000 – 40,000 words (no working title yet) that will offer more backstory on one of the minor characters in the book who plays a major role in the plot.

That novella will be offered for free to those who read the book and sign up for the Quantum Camera mailing list.

Also, I am looking into forming a publishing company here in Alabama to help push my book(s) into more markets, but I still have a few legal matters to investigate first. More on that as it develops.

Yes, there is a lot of work ahead, but isn’t that why teachers have the summer months off? I have plenty to do and that is just how I like it.

If you have any comments about the writing process, experience creating a publishing company,  or helpful information about forming LLCs in the state of Alabama, please leave a comment below so that you can help remove some roadblocks and get this book released sooner.

Blessings and peace to you all!


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