First Draft is Complete!

The first draft of Chasing Ghosts is complete.

Chasing Ghosts is a Middle Grade novel about an eighth grade boy who is given the ability to change his life through time manipulation. In this, he is given the ultimate choice: What does it matter if you create a perfect life and lose your sanity?

Kjudoon suggestionsb

It weighs in at just over 71,000 words. That number will fluctuate wildly over the next few months as I pour over each chapter slicing out adverbs and focusing more on showing rather than telling.

I thought the first draft would have been the hardest part of writing.

I am coming to realize that editing your own work is the toughest of all. It is hard to knock off the edges of your own work for fear of damaging it further… the paralysis of the perfectionist.

I am sitting down today to deepen the characterizations of my main characters. They developed through the story, but not the way that I had expected. Now I need to finalize who they are to become and then seed them into my chapters to make them flow into being a bit better.

At this point, the story is mainly dialogue and action. I need to add background and description in a way that is not simply dead weight but effectively grounds the characters into reality.


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