Thursday Therapy

Today is the day that I finish nailing down the chapter headings of The Quantum Camera and begin fleshing out the scenes and plotline of the novel. I also have to finish scripting out additional settings and characters. This will take some time so that is the goal for today.

But, before I do all these things, I am going to completely reorganize my desk, de-clutter S1210004
the thing and make it more logical. I am going to transform it from a catchall corner that contains a computer, to a furniture piece with purpose. I mean, look at your desk “as is” … if you were going to do some vlogs or vodcasts with a camera pointed at you and your desk as your background, would it be good enough “as is” or would it benefit from a bit of sprucing up first?

This morning, however, the therapy began before I even got out of bed.

I started going through my e-mail Inbox unsubscribing from all of the junk e-mails that were there. It is an amazing feeling to know that I will not see this advertiser in my Inbox again. When I used to paint with my Dad, one of his favorite axioms dealt with dropped spatters of paint on the floor or wall. He would say, “It is not a sin to do that, the sin is leaving it there.”

Why does the junk mail offend me so? It is because it accumulates so rapidly! Why does it do that? Because I leave it there … I do not unsubscribe in a timely fashion so I invite the problem. I create my own stress by letting problems like junk mail go unchecked.

th-1Sometimes the best therapies are found in the best boundaries.

The use of “No.”

Stepping out of the nice guy’s comfort zone and saying “Enough is enough.”

For instance, no longer accepting poor quality service without a peep to the tech support department … instead, let them know that it is not your problem, it is theirs.

It is like cleaning a desk.

Putting things in their proper order shows that you are serious about boundaries. You are not a person to be trifled with. It is the truest appreciation of self (if my teenage son is reading this, it is the truest appreciation of others as well).

If the whole point of therapy is to make yourself feel better, doesn’t a clean desk do that bloggrisjan8cartoonfor you? How about a clean room? Kitchen? No matter how you slice it, clutter is stress.

So if you need a bit of therapy today, instead of thinking about the usual methods (spas, shopping, fishing, etc.), try  imposing a bit of order on your surroundings and try some new things and arrangements.

You may be shocked how liberating and empowering it truly is … and it only costs a little time.

Cheap therapy Thursday, indeed…

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