Speak Out…

“…for the Holy Spirit will teach you in that very hour what you ought to say.” Luke 12:12

One of the biggest hindrances to sharing my faith used to be speaking out … speaking up at all terrified me.

It was easy to talk about the Lord at church but in everyday settings it seemed awkward. It was just something that I was not used to doing.

I remember being attending a Promise Keepers event many years ago and listening to Joe White speak. After hearing his presentation inviting men to come to the cross, I  wondered how someone could learn to speak like that.

The Lord spoke up quickly … “just start talking.” He was pressing me to get into the habit of talking about Him on a regular basis.

The barrier I faced was it was totally unnatural to do that … I would feel like such a fake trying to discuss the spiritual among the secular.

That is the thought the enemy was force-feeding me anyway.

I began to put it to the test by interjecting my faith here and there in small ways. Before long, I was witnessing Luke 12:12 come to fruition in my life and became humbled under the unction of the Holy Spirit to speak. I would speak to someone and, before I knew it, Scripture passages begin to bubble up from my soul into my mind almost like someone was handing me internal note cards.

It is hard to explain, but very true.

The most beautiful moments were when the Spirit gave me unction to share verses from the King James Bible … verses that had been planted in my soul since childhood and VBS. Reciting them through the power of the Spirit was a beautiful walk through my childhood and brought tears to my eyes.

I began to listen in my spirit for ways to speak out … the Spirit began highlighting places to speak … He was giving me the words and the thoughts … in short, it was awesome!

People began to assume I was some deep, scholarly Christian … I wasn’t … I just began to testify to the truth of the Word of God and the reality of Who He is. I began to spread the biggest thing He showed me … all things are for His glory … all prayers are prayers for His glory.

As I walked out of school today and greeted two colleagues before I left for the Christmas break, the conversation quickly turned to talking about the Lord by edifying a fellow believer. Then God took over.

That is what He wants.

People who are willing to speak up and speak out on His behalf.

Sometimes we get in places where we just cannot hear from God. That is when He activates His human mouthpieces to speak up.

It is not hard … we have the promise of Luke 12:12. We just have to take it in faith.

Practice talking to others about your faith this season.

Be transparent and authentic. You’ll be amazed at the number of people who desire to listen. You may actually help activate another believer to speak out as well.

And, that, is ALWAYS to the glory of God…

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