The Beginning…

My Cosmic Camera idea is about to come full circle…

What was once a writing project for my students is about to become a writing project for me, the teacher. My students encouraged me to begin this massive undertaking almost every year … I just never did.

I never had the time.

But that is what the Cosmic Camera was all about in the first place. Time…

So, I am beginning to arm myself with the basics to tell a good story.

I remember studying archetypes through the use of the characters of Star Wars many years ago as part of a vertical teaming project at Baker High School. As one of the youngest teachers in the English department (and the resident Star Wars geek at that time), it gave me the ability to help the more seasoned educators in my department.hero-with-a-thousand-faces

We analyzed Star Wars based on a series of archetypes from  the teaching of Joseph Campbell … the very same instructor who heavily influenced a young George Lucas during his college days.

Now, since I am preparing to take the plunge as an author, I figured it was time to go to the source material and glean from it as much wisdom and foundational background as I can.

My Christmas reading homework will be Campbell’s Hero With a Thousand Faces, a treatise on similarities he noticed in classical heroes from myth, legend, and religious texts.

It is a study in comparative mythology. These similarities led to his idea of the “monomyth” … the one great story model that all other stories have followed.

Published originally in 1949, it is considered a modern classic. I think my only regret will be that I did not read it much sooner.

I am only in the planning stages of The Quantum Camera at the moment … conceptualizing characters, settings, and plot elements. I’ll make progress notifications here as I go along.

And, for any of my former students who remember those Cosmic Camera stories, make sure you comment your favorite CC memory below and be sure to “follow” this site.

I am finally keeping my promise to you all.

It is about to begin…


  1. I know I’m glad my encouragement helped maybe just a little teeny tiny bit. You at least have the great benefit of having a captive audience and can inflict… I mean SHARE… you journey with em.

    God speed, Mr. Lawrence and may the wibbly wobbly be with you always.


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